Ahr/11 Groz Adjustable Hand Reamer, H7, 16.6 – 18.25Mm

Code: AHR/11
Type: H7
Range: 16.6 – 18.25mm

The Groz range of Adjustable Hand Reamers are extremely useful precision tools for any engineering or auto-repair shop.
Just 16 sizes cover diameters ranging from 9.5mm — 56.35mm (3/8” — 2.7/32”).
Suitable for use on ferrous or non ferrous metals.
The reamer blades are made from High Speed Steel, accurately hardened 60 – 64 HRC and relief ground.
Each adjustable reamer has a chamfer or lead on the front end of diameter 0.004” – 0.019” according to size, which helps to make a quick start in reaming operation.
Reamers expand by loosening one adjusting nut and tightening the other.
Cocentricity within : 30 microns.

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