Avb/1P Groz Tool Makers Adjustable Vee Block – Matched Pair, 23 X 100 X 75Mm, 125Mm Capacity

Code: AVB/1PDimensions: 23 x 100 x 75mmCapacity: 125mm

SKU: GZ-02930 Categories: , ,

Precision made tool performing all of the functions that would normally require usage of various shims, blocks or machinist’s jacks. Ideal for inspecting shafts and parts with multiple diameters.
Anvil height on the block is easily adjustable to support shafts, bars of varying diameters making for quick inspection without having to use centres.
Anvil supports up to 450 kg.
Vibration lock (position lock) prevents creeping.
Wide angle Vee accepts 5mm to 125mm diameters.
Top flats ground parallel to the base can hold wide, flat parts. Narrow flats may be held on a parallel across the top.
Total Rise of Vee – 12mm. Dial graduated in increments 0.001" (25 microns).
Sold as a set of 2 blocks in matched pairs.

Permissible height difference between matched pairs: Within 0.001" (25 microns).
Flatness of base: Within 0.0002" (5 microns)

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