Cmx/3 Groz Coolant Mixer For Metal Working Fluids, 0 – 9% Ratio, 1100 Litre Per Hour Flow Capacity

Code: CMX/3
Application: Metal Working Fluids
Mixing Ratio: 0 to 9 %
Capacity: 1100 Litre per hour (290 Gallons per hr)

For mixing liquid coolant concentrate with water.
Lightweight aluminium body.
Driven by pressure from water supply.
Includes full flow brass ball valve & also fitted with 2 back flow preventers.
Adjustment of mixing ratio is variable & controlled through a simple turn of the knob.
Inbuilt suction tube & 2" bung that fits directly onto 55 gal (205 litre) coolant drums.
Wetted Components include aluminium, stainless steel, brass, acetal, PVC, nitrile rubber

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