Dlg/10 Groz Dial Indicator, 0-10Mm, 0.01Mm, 0-100, Agd2, White Face, Lug Back

Code: DLG/10
Needle Range: 0 – 10mm
Dial Range: 0 – 100
AGD Type: AGD2

Robust construction.
8mm stem diameter for metric models.
3/8" stem diameter for imperial models.
Supplied with Lug backs.
Dial reading 0 – 100.
Built to American Gauge Design.
Graduation / resolution : 0.01mm on metric models & 0.001" on imperial models.
Accuracy : ±0.03mm (±0.002").
Range per revolution : 1mm (0.1").
Each revolution is indicated by a revolution counter.
Tolerance marker provided.
White face dial

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