Drill Doctor Xp, 240V, 2.5Mm-13Mm Capacity

Drill Bit Capacity 2.5mm – 13mm (3/32" to 1/2")
Point Angle 118°
Voltage 240V 1PH

The DDXP is perfect for the serious DIY’er, hobbyist and the professional user with the sharpening power needed to restore dull bits and keep on working. The DDXP adds simplicity, stability and accuracy.

The Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpener offers a powerful motor for smooth operation and Diamond grinding wheel providing long life & constant geometry without the need for wheel dressing.Suitable for sharpening High Speed Steel, Masonry, TiN Coated, Carbide, Cobalt & Parabolic twist drills. With its adjustable relief angle and the ability to create and sharpen split point bits, the DDXP is a must have for any workshop.

Adjustable point angle.
Adjustable relief angle.
Creates & restores split point bits.
User replaceable diamond sharpening wheel

Weight 1.54 kg
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