Frclm146134-S/G Groz Air Filter Regulator Lubricator C/W Gauge & Bracket, Intermediate, 1/4″ Port

Code: FRCLM146134-S/G
Port Size: 1/4"
Pressure Gauge Port Size: 1/8"
Flow Rate: 53 CFM / 1500 LPM
Bowl Size: 32ml
Bowl Size (Lubricator): 57ml
Classification: Intermediate

Die cast aluminum body, polycarbonate bowl with a steel bowl guard & a high performance sintered bronze filtering element.
Designed with a separator & shield for efficient moisture separation. It is combined with a Regulator which maintains a steady outlet pressure, unaffected by variations & fluctuations in the inlet pressure.
Non raising "Press To Lock" adjusting knob for locking at any set pressure.
Pressure adjustment range of 7 – 145 PSI (0.5 – 10 BAR).
40 micron filtering element press type manual drain with night time drain feature which automatically drains off the bowl once the compressed air supply to the filter is switched off.
Threaded type steel bowl guard.
0° – 60° ambient temperature.
Modular mounting and vertical mounting features.

145 psi maximum pressure.
0° – 60° ambient temperature.
Maintain a constant oil-to-air density over a wide range of flow.
The Groz L1 series lubricators are fog / micro-mist type, up to 50′ pipe runs.
Die cast aluminum head, polycarbonate bowl with a steel bowl guard. The head is fitted with oil drop indicator, oil drop controller & oil filling plug.
Modular mounting and vertical mounting features.

Comes complete with a wall mounting bracket.

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