Holemaker Air 45, Fully Atex 11 Certified, Pneumatic Magnetic Base Drill, 2Mt,190 / 290 Rpm, Cap: 45Mm Dia X 52Mm

Capacity ( Diameter ): 45mm
Capacity ( Depth ): 52mm
Capacity ( Twist Drill ): #2 Morse Taper 23mm
Motor: Power 800 watt Pneumatic, 1400L/min
Speed: 2 Speed 190 / 290rpm
Weight: 19.0kg
Magnetic Dead Lift: 7500Nm On 25mm Steel Plate
Height: 690mm min / 750mm max
Stroke: 150mm
Through Spindle Coolant System
Supplied In Metal Carry Case With Cutter Guard & Safety Strap

The HMP45 is a compact portable pneumatic powered drilling machine which allows hole cutting up to 45mm diameter and 52mm depth using Holemaker cutters. The No. 2 Morse Taper spindle allows a wide range of tooling to be used with the machine.
The combination of pneumatic drive and permanent magnetic base eliminate the need for electric power supply thus making this machine an ideal solution in many hazardous environments such as oil drilling platforms, mining industry, shipbuilding or petrochemical industry.

Both the machine and the body of the HMP45-ATEX drill is certified ATEX II2G/D C IIC T6;T4 and meets the requirements for use in areas with a risk of explosion.

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