Holemaker Pro50 Magnetic Base Drill, 240V, 2Mt, Cap: 52Mm Dia X 52Mm

Capacity ( Diameter ): 52mm
Capacity ( Depth ): 52mm
Capacity ( Twist Drill ): #2 Morse Taper 23mm
Motor Power: 1260 watt
Input Power: 1340 watt Single Phase 240V
Speed: 2 speed (200 / 400rpm)
Weight: 16.5kg
Magnetic Dead Lift: 12000Nm On 25mm Steel Plate
Stroke: 153mm
Height: 426mm min / 579mm max
Through Spindle Coolant System
Smart Magnet Technology To Ensure Sufficient Magnetic Adhesion
Supplied In Metal Carry Case With Cutter Guard & Safety Strap

The ability to use Holemaker cutters, No. 2 Morse Taper shank drills & reamers, as well as a drill chuck makes this a very multi-purpose machine.
Satisfying most requirements with a capacity of 52mm diameter & 75mm* depth of cut when using Holemaker cutters, and 23mm diameter using taper shank drills or reamers. An industrial 2 speed gearbox and 1260w motor provide a strong hardworking machine.
Other standard features include cast iron construction, gravity feed coolant system & left or right hand feed handle operation.
The unique semi-automatic gib adjustment system enables simple, fast and always correct fine tuning without any expert knowledge orexperience.

Suitable for steel fabrication, engineering workshops & maintenance facilities where a heavy duty versatile machine is highly beneficial.

* Supplied complete with arbor for use with Holemaker cutters up to 52mm depth of cut. Optional arbor to take Holemaker cutters up to 75mm depth of cut is available.

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