Kef Drill Sharpener, 5-60Mm, 415V 3P, C/W Stand

Drill Capacity: 4 – 60mm
Point Angle: 116° – 118°
Relief Angle: 6° – 8°
Motor: 1100W
Voltage: 415V 3PH
Weight: 70kg

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Highest quality danish drill bit sharpeners. Uncomplicated – KEF drill grinders are based on a well proven grinding method which always results in flawless and accurately ground drill points. KEF Sharpeners are pre-set for grinding twist drills, for drilling in steel and iron, with point angle 116° – 118° and clearance angle 6° – 8°. The simplified design ensures that a wide range of different drill sizes can be ground without complicated and time consuming re-setting. Therefore unskilled operators can also obtain good results.

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