Kit/Lag/21/St Groz Pro Series Safety Air Blow Gun Kit, 21 Pce Alloy Body

23 Piece Set Includes:
2 x Pro series safety air blow guns
1/2 " rubber tip (GZ-61277)
Standard tip (GZ-61278)
Standard safety tip (GZ-61279)
High flow safety tip (GZ-61280)
Safety booster tip (GZ-61281)
Safety tamperproof tip (GZ-61282)
1" rubber tip (GZ-61283)
1-3/8" rubber tip (GZ-61284)
Rubber silencer (GZ-61285)
1-1/4" nylon screen (GZ-61286)
4" protective shield nozzle (GZ-61287)
3" long nylon tapered tube (GZ-61288)
Mini aluminium tip (GZ-61289)
Stainless steel needle, 1-3/4" x 0.072" Ø (GZ-61290)
Stainless steel needle, 2-15/32" x 0.095" Ø (GZ-61291)
Brass adjustable tip (GZ-61292)
23" long nozzle with rubber tip (GZ-61293)
14" to 24" telescopic tip (GZ-61294)
Steel wire brush tip (GZ-61295)
3" aluminium tube (GZ-61296)
6" aluminium tube (GZ-61297)

Unlike any other metal body lever air gun, the Groz Pro Series feature a revolutionary Venturi mechanism that uses side ports to combine free ambient air with costly compressed air, creating a much higher volume of usable output.
Manufactured from die cast aluminium; these are made to last in the harshest environments.
Ergonomic design of the body & large dip coated operating lever reduces user fatigue & discomfort, even during extended use.
1/4" female inlet.
1/8" female outlet.
Variable air control.
Max pressure : 150PSI (10 BAR).
Max dB : 85

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