Lkv/1361 Groz Safety Lock Out Valve, Miniature, 1/4″ Bsp

Code: LKV/1361
Port Size: 1/4"
Flow Supply Rate: 35 CFM / 1000 LPM
Flow Exhaust Rate: 16 CFM / 450 LPM
Height x Width: 73x45mm

The Safety Lockout valve is a hand operated, knob-type, 2 positions, 3 way valve that can be turned to Supply or Exhaust.
Provision for external pad lock for preventing accidental actuation during lock out.
Modular construction allows the valve to be connected with any of the Groz air control units using a spacer.
Lockout valves are threaded both at inlet & outlet.
145 PSI Maximum pressure.

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