M7 Riveter / Rivet Nut Adaptor, Counter Pack Of 4 X Pa9048 & 4 X Pb9006

Nose Piece: 2.4mm , 3.2mm , 4.0mm , 4.8mm
Recommended Free Speed: 1000RPM
Min. Torque: 11Nm
Dimensions: 59 x 158mm
Net Weight: 0.3kg

Nose Piece: M3, M4, M5, M6
Recommended Free Speed: 1000RPM
Min. Torque: 15Nm
Dimensions: 59 x 172mm
Net Weight: 0.28kg

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4 x M7A-PA9048P & 4 x M7A-PB9006P in counter top merchandiser.
M7A-PA9048P Riveter adaptors & M7A-PB9006P Rivet nut adaptors with 1/4" Hex Shank for use with 3/8" 12V, 14.4V & 18V cordless drills.
Riveter adaptors are suitable for aluminium, auminium/steel and all steel rivets.
* Not suitable for stainless steel rivets.

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