Mb/80L Groz Articulating Arm With Magnetic Base, Type Iii, L=340 Mm, Base: 50X60X55 Mm, 80Kg, With 3/8 Hole Dia And A 3/8 – 8Mm Sleeve.

Code: MB/80L
Type: III
Arm Length: 340mm
Base: 50x60x55mm
Magnetic Power: 80kg

Accepts test indicators with dovetail clamping mechanism.
Arm has 3 articulating joints that can be locked with a single knob handle.
Dial gauges can be used with 3/8" or 8mm diameter stem.
Magnetic bases have ON/OFF switch.
Base has a vee groove that securely fastens to the ferrous work piece or machine table.
Working Angle : 150°.
Hole Diameter : 8mm (3/8").
Slot : 6.5mm

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