Mbp/01 Groz Magnetic Compass, 0 – 360 Degree

Code: MBP/01

An extremely versatile tool that can be used as an Angle Finder, Centre Locator & Levelling Gauge.
Tool is designed to give accurate reading of angles for full 360° via an extremely sensitive & balanced needle.
The protractor body is encased in cast aluminium shell with legs made from cast iron. The Vee bases have inbuilt magnets that exert magnetic pull both within the Vee & across the bottom surface of the legs of the Vee. This allows the tool to attach instantly to any ferrous surface – round or flat for accurate measurement of angles.
The Vee bases are precision ground and the centre pin shows the middle point for locating centres on round objects. Can also be used for levelling work on workpieces.

This tool has unlimited applications and can be used in:.
– Tool rooms & machine shops for determining angles on shapers, milling machines & grinders. For determining centre of round stocks, & for drilling operations.
– Welding Shops.
– Construction & Maintenance sites.
– Auto & Truck shops, especially for checking angles of die lines.
Angle Accuracy: within ± 0.5°.

Weight 0.5 kg
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