Vb/Sp/V/100S Groz Tool Makers Vee Block & Clamp Set Versatile, 100 X 75 X 75Mm, 57Mm Capacity

Code: VB/SP/V/100S
Dimensions: 100 x 75 x 75mm
Capacity: 57mm

SKU: GZ-03092 Categories: , ,

Manufactured from high grade tool steel fully hardened to 55-60 HRC.
The special design with 90° Vee angle provides a quick, accurate and positive means of holding workpieces for machining, grinding and in layout and inspection work.
In addition to use on base, the Vee block can also be used on its side or end.
The unit comes complete with a reversible swing away style clamp that clamps against almost any shape of product.
The three tapped hole positions in the Vee block for the clamp allows the clamp to be positioned at either end or at the centre of the Vee block.
Tapped holes on the Vee block end allow mounting the block perpendicular to the face plate. Each unit comes complete with the basic block, reversible clamp and 2 clamp screws. Also available in matched pairs with 2 block, 2 clamps and 4 screws (GZ-03093 VB/SP/V/100P).

Parallelism and Squareness of Vee Grooves with respect to the base – Within 0.0003” (8 microns).
Matched Pair Tolerance – Within 0.0002” (5 microns)

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