Wcf/Wz/6 Groz Wiggler & Center Finder, Chuck & 4 Attachments

Code: WCF/WZ/6

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Centre Finder attachments with quick release chuck, clamped by a ball swivel joint which allows adjustment to any angular position.
Needle point shank – working centres can be accurately located. Spring tension on the ball of the point allows guiding the point to true concentricity bringing perfect alignment between the work and machine spindle.
Ball Contact is useful in locating work by first bringing the ball contact against the work and then indexing it to the desired position relative to the spindle.
Disc Contact is particularly useful in locating work in confined areas such as slots or shallow holes. Diameter of Disc. 0.1".
Offset Indicator holder is useful for checking run out or concentricity and in checking straightness or alignment of flat surfaces.

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