Knurling Tools

The rigid and robust construction of the range of knurling tool holders makes them ideal for countless knurling applications.

Knurling Tool Holders – 3 pairs.
The revolving head is fitted with standard left and right pattern knurls in fine, medium and coarse pitch. Any pair can be brought to bear on the workpiece, thus 3 different knurling patterns are obtainable without changing the tool.

Knurling Tool Holder – 1 pair.
A two knurl holder ideal for small knurling applications, it has a self adjusting pivot head which ensures that the knurl finds the centre line of the work exactly. It comes complete with one right and one left hand knurl.

Knurling Tool Holder – 1 Knurl.
Single knurl holders, these are useful for light duty applications. They come complete with one straight knurl.

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